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Special Package Price of $19,500, 15 nights abroad:

           HIp Replacement           
Knee Replacement
Back Surgery

These prices are for multiple hospitals/countries within the NC Medical Travel network. All are accredited, with experienced surgeons.

These packages are inclusive of everything except unforeseen complications and airfare.  However, no fault complications insurance is available to protect your investment, for a nominal extra charge.  

You are transported from the airport to your resort hotel, where you will spend 14 comfortable nights, and one night in the hospital. All meals are included. 

If you would like to add one companion, the only additional expense is meals which your companion may purchase separately.

In order to schedule a phone or skype consultation with you, we first need you to fill out the medical form. This goes to hospitals who will either agree to accept you as a patient, or ask for more information. You may upload scans or doctor evaluations securely.   FORM TO FILL OUT

Once the information is gathered from you and the medical providers, NC Medical Staff can proceed to answer your questions in order to help you decide which provider, in which country, is the best match for your particular situation.  It could be that the package price is adjusted to be lower or higher, but this is what we discuss at the time of the consultation. With orthopedic surgery, one variable is the number of hardware/implants used.  The doctor must determine if it exceeds what is priced into the basic surgical plan, or that less will be used.

People who engage in "do-it-yourself medical tourism" are putting themselves at unnecessary risk.  They simply do not understand what needs to be done in order to have the best outcomes. They do not know the pros and cons of various hospitals and countries. Information found on many medical travel sites is sketchy at best. This is why we do professional consultations and charge for our services.  

       Please go to our About Page for more information and a link to pay for the consultation.

Knee Arthoscopy Package:  10 days

Shoulder Arthoscopy Package: 10 days

Who benefits from this value pricing and lower medical costs:

1.  Self pay patients
2. Canadians on long waiting lists
3. Companies who self insure their
4. Persons seeking better outcomes
5. Patients seeking doctors that also 
    speak their native language.