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               Medical Treatments Abroad

Many medical treatments can be done abroad, safely and with far lower out of pocket costs. You probably are not aware that many procedures can be  less than your deductible, even with the cost of travel. It just depends on the amount of your deductible, and the procedure. But this is our job, to calculate the savings and look at any risk factors or special considerations that you need to be aware of. Our staff are respected professionals who are invited to tour new clinics and facilities around the world, in order to be able to understand their advantages or limitations and explain them to you. 

We do a 30 minute consultation, for surgical procedures.  Simple outpatient procedures do not receive a 30 minute consultation, and we often have a package that has the price of that along with the hotel costs already calculated for you. 

Whatever the procedure or treatment you need, we are able to get prices and recommendations from the medical professionals in our network of international hospitals and clinics. The cost is going to be less than in the USA, usually by half or more, but in some cases the costs are so similar that medical travel cannot be justified. We inform you of this. We also inform you during the consultation, of any clinics within the USA that will offer competitive pricing. 

NC Medical Travel needs some information from you in order to assist you.  We need to know who you are, do you have a passport already, when are you looking to travel, your type of insurance, where you live, and some medical information. All of this is on a secure form that you can quickly complete.  

There are two types of forms:  
Inpatient Surgical

Please fill in the appropriate form, or use the contact form on the left to ask if the procedure is a good value abroad before completing the form.