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             Cosmetic Dentistry

​Here is the process at NC Medical Travel:

Step 1: Collect any xrays done in the past 6 months, if you have them.  You can request them from your local dentist in digital form
Step 2: Fill out the dental form and upload your xrays and treatment plan, or leave blank
Step 3: NC Medical Travel will forward the secure form to dental providers for pricing or comment
Step 4: NC Medical Travel will schedule a phone consultation with you when the information is gathered from the providers, and send you a
             link to pay a $50 consultation fee by credit card
Step 5: Phone consultation for 30 minutes with medical travel professional experienced in dental treatments, to go over options
Step 6: If you are satisfied with the clinics and pricing, NC Medical Travel will proceed to assist you in scheduling your appointments,
             booking your hotel, and sending you the travel information that you will need as well as information from your selected dental
             provider with regard to pre/post treatment care,  their payment information, and any warranties that they may have. 

Can you just go online and read reviews and do all of this yourself without professional help from NC Medical Travel?  In short answer, yes, but the outcome may not be a good one. You are unique, and have needs specific to you.  We address everything  from mobility issues, seniors traveling alone, families traveling with children or adult handicapped children, medications that may affect the healing process, best time to travel, what to pack, financial information, where to stay that you will be most comfortable, and which dentists specialize in the treatment you are seeking and what do they charge for services.  Anyone engaging in do-it-yourself dental tourism usually looks rather pitiful sitting in the dental offices, whereas our referrals have confidence that they are being taken care of throughout their trip, they know what to expect, and are prepared when they arrive.  Dental treatment is painful enough. Don't make the process of saving money and getting quality care,  painful for yourself.  Fill out the form, and let's get started!


Dental Videos and Testimonies
Many people worry that the quality of dental or medical treatments outside of the USA is inferior to what they have experienced in the USA.  Our company takes the worry out of your decision making. You can be assured that the providers are well trained and professionals in their field. The difference is in the price, not the quality. If we had any misgivings, we would not trust the providers we refer patients to, with our own surgery, healthcare and dental treatment needs.  Let us help you recover your smile! 

Fill out our secure form below, at no obligation to you. If you do not have xrays, scans, or a treatment plan that you can upload today, please fill it out and leave that part blank for now.  If you require extensive dental work, the dentist will contact you to discuss options.  Otherwise, our staff can give you price quotes for general dentistry, crowns, root canals, cleanings, etc.