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         Cosmetic Surgery

Travel abroad for cosmetic surgery is very common.  Some people try do-it-yourself medical travel for cosmetic surgery, because they think it is elective surgery, few complications, and so they elect to just go online and look at reviews.  BAD IDEA.  People who have sued doctors, in the US or abroad, are going to have a clause in their settlement that they do not discuss the clinic or doctor online.  So, the reviews do not reflect any worse case scenarios.  Our staff are almost always aware of any doctors or clinics that are poor choices for the procedure you are wanting. Conversely, we also know which doctors come highly recommended by the hospitals they work at, and by the local people (not just international patients).  Hospitals are usually quite honest with us about any limitations they may have with regard to accomodating obese or tall people in their operating rooms or recovery areas.  In return, we are honest with them about the expectation of the patient with regard to outcome. Finding the best doctor at the most appropriate clinic for the procedure you are wanting is just not so easy as just going online and reading reviews.   In some cases, we look at the reason you are wanting the cosmetic surgery, and during the consultation we may advise you to see a nutritionist while at the clinic recovering.  

After you fill out our medical information form, we schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with you to discuss what the different hospitals recommend, and if they will accept you as a patient. It may take one week to gather that information for you.  If any doctor you find online says, "yes, come on and I will do a liposuction, breast implants or whatever" then you are putting yourself at risk. I cannot give personal accounts here, of people who have ended up in serious condition (or worse) by going online and engaging in "do-it-yourself medical travel for cosmetic surgery," but suffice it to say, they should have gotten professional assistance from a medical travel company such as ours.  The cost is the same, in dollars, but the savings in peace of mind is priceless. 

A $200 consultation fee applies, but if you decide to go one of the doctors/clinics we discuss, that cost is applied to your ground transportation upon arrival to your destination.  We will also discuss complications insurance, hotel options, length of stay, and many other useful things you will need to know.  We forward the doctor's packet of information to you, so that you arrive prepared. 

Please fill out this FORM to get started.  Travel abroad for cosmetic surgery can give you the look you have wanted, at a much more fair price than in the USA , but go about it as safely as possible so that you know both the risks and rewards.