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Our motto: "Fly a Little, Save a LOT"

About NC Medical Travel
Your Caribbean  Healthcare Connection
"Fly a Little, Save a Lot!"
Our staff consult with you to determine your healthcare needs based on the following factors:

1. Do you have a treatment plan or diagnosis already?
2. How do you plan to pay?  (Insurance, self pay, both)
3. How soon are you seeking treatment?
4. Do you have a valid passport for travel?
5. What is the necessary length of stay after treatment? 
6. Will you be traveling with a companion or going alone? 
7. Will you need to return to the doctor for continued treatment?
8. Do you have any other healthcare concerns affecting travel? 
9. What is your desired outcome? 

NC Medical Travel staff are experienced in medical travel, and affiliated with excellent providers in several countries. We understand your needs as a medical or dental patient abroad, and work to meet those needs, based on the information you provide. We understand what options for payment work to your financial advantage at particular providers.  Our staff are familiar with the hospitals, providers, and their ratings/accreditations.

During a 30 minute consultation, you recieve our professional recommendations on how to save potentially thousands of dollars. It is up to you which country, provider, and when you travel, but our company is taking out the guesswork.   Following the consultation, NC Medical Travel Staff coordinate with you and your preferred provider, if one is selected, to be sure that your medical travel experience is easy, and that you are prepared on arrival. If you would like to speak with a provider(s) following the consultation, NC Medical Staff will assist with that. 

Cost to you for our services:  

A consultation for medical treatment or surgery is $200 for a 30 minute pre-scheduled phone consultation.  

A consultation for dental treatment is $50, but you do get that refunded when you go for the scheduled appointment. 

A medical package recieves a free consulation, and services of NC Medical Travel are included. 

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